Hiking in Tirol, Day 3: Resting and Loafing About


On Saturday, the view from my balcony had changed radically from sunshine to rain and thunder. A perfect day to recover! After pushing myself over the limit the previous day, my legs felt like jelly and my brain had turned to mush. I got up in the morning just for breakfast, and went back to sleep soon after.



Late in the afternoon, I tore myself up again and headed straight for dinner at the popular Hotel Ländenhof. I opted to sit outside on the terrace, while everyone else stayed indoors. I stuffed myself with enough warm food to last for days, admired the view over the village, and listened to the sound of raindrops against the tarp above my table. The waiter looked and acted like Elvis – when I didn’t feel like having a schnapps after dinner, he gave me a lollipop, instead. Loved it!

After rolling out of the restaurant, I took a little walk around the village just to feel like I had done something that day. Then I returned to my room to rest, hoping to feel more energetic the next morning.








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