Salzburg City Tour


I spent the last day of my holiday wandering aimlessly around Salzburg. The hundreds of statues, fountains and tons of flowers in every park made a lasting impression on me. It would be impossible to escape Mozart’s influence there (though why would you want to): you could visit his old home, eat the chocolatey Mozartkügeln, and listen to his tunes played by the Glockenspiel bell tower at certain hours.





To me, Salzburg is a city of contrasts. The city centre is all about rich culture and fancy architecture, but you only need to walk a couple kilometres for some real countryside vibes. The suburbs are filled with traditional Alp style houses with carved shutters on their windows, but in between you can also find futuristic homes in creative shapes. It is even possible to spot a shiny city car and a muddy tractor in perfect harmony on the same street.





Before catching my flight back home, I took a quick detour to a museum of modern art where I stopped by a dia projector. The slideshow consisted of 20+ sentences, all containing the pronoun “it”. Some of it is strange. Some of it is familiar. Its origin is indeterminate. It can cease to exist at any time. A British lady appeared next to me. Looking puzzled, she wondered aloud: “What is ‘it’?” Ain’t that the question. :D


I realllllly wouldn’t have wanted to give up all the beautiful parks and mountain views, but my flight and work schedules had no mercy on me. Full points to Austria, hopefully we’ll meet again soon!


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