How to Get from Podgorica Airport to the City Centre by Public Transport: Yes, It IS Possible (Kind of!)

Google the question in the title, like any budget-minded traveller heading to Montenegro would, and prepare to be met with a resounding response boiling down to just one word: “impossible”. Advice forums are full of people saying that there are no buses or trains, and that the only way out of the airport is by taxi. These same helpful folks often continue by recommending their “favourite” taxi company, which is not suspicious at all, nuh-uh. However, while planning my own trip, I came across a lone, rebellious comment stating that there might be other options. Being the cheapskate that I am, I obviously had to investigate it further. So, here are the results of my empirical research. In brief: yes, it is sort of possible, and I have the pictures to prove it.

Option 1: Podgorica Airport to Podgorica by Train

Try this first! There is a train station about one kilometre from the airport, and it’s a fairly quick and easy walk that takes about 10-15 minutes. When you first step out of the airport, shake the numerous taxi drivers peddling their services and yelling about how there is no bus, and exit the parking lot to the only street leading out towards the main road. Note that there are no sidewalks and the cars drive by fast, but for most of the way you can walk on a gravel path that follows the road on the right.

IMG_20180615_194905This is how the gravel path looks, the road is on the left behind the bushes

IMG_20180615_195257This is right before the bridge over the railroad starts – do not enter the bridge; instead, cross the road to the left side

IMG_20180615_195330Keep walking down on the left side of the bridge

IMG_20180615_195534When the tarmac turns into gravel again, you’re almost there

IMG_20180615_195639Aaaand there it is! Cross the tracks to get to the station

IMG_20180615_195730 Looking in the Podgorica direction

The empty shack of a station may seem abandoned, but don’t let it fool you: the train does stop there. I’ve seen locals hop on the train here on my way from Podgorica to Virpazar and back. However, the main problem is that there are only ten daily connections, so if your flight schedule doesn’t match the train schedule, you’ll have to opt for the bus. You can check the train timetable here:, from station “Aerodrom” to station “Podgorica”.

Option 2: Podgorica Airport to Podgorica by Bus

Okay, so the train schedule doesn’t match yours? No worries, you’re already halfway to the bus stop. Keep following the path on the left side of the bridge to reach the main road.

IMG_20180615_200003Walk past the basketball court and keep going

IMG_20180615_200113The bridge across the tracks ends here, keep walking on this narrow path. At some point you can switch back to the right side of the road again

IMG_20180615_200514The road from the airport meets the main road at this traffic circle. Take the exit to the right in the Podgorica direction

IMG_20180615_200701A wild pavement appears! And disappears. And appears again. (According to an October 2019 update, the pavement has been fixed.)

IMG_20180615_200752Almost there! Just have to cross this blue bridge and walk a tiny bit further

IMG_20180615_201134Voilà! The bus stop is next to the Pizza Restaurant Ester (which, according to an October 2019 update, is no longer in business)

IMG_20180615_202639A single journey ticket costs 0.90€ (June 2018)

A bus sped up past me a minute before I reached the stop, but on a Friday night I only had to wait for about 15 minutes before the next one arrived. I tried to look for the bus timetables online, but had no luck there. I assume they run fairly regularly. If you see any locals waiting at the same stop, you’re golden. I’ve also come across a few random comments on a mysterious “L20” bus line that supposedly runs all the way to the airport seven times a day, but unfortunately I could not confirm its existence. Further research is needed there.

But Is It Worth It?

Alright, before you embark on this epic journey to the bus stop, you must first decide how much you value your time, effort and safety. A taxi to the city costs around 10–15€ (or less if you manage to negotiate it down or book in advance), a single bus ticket costs 0.90€ (June 2018), and a train ticket costs 1€ (January 2019 update: 1.20€). It is a 2.5 km walk to the bus stop, which took me about half an hour + 15 minutes of waiting time. How much would you have to save to make it worth the hike, the time, and the risk of being run over by the reckless drivers?

I feel like the train/bus option is great for cheap solo backpackers like myself, but when you have two or more people in your group, the cost per person is significantly reduced if you just take the easy way out and hop in a taxi. I would also think twice before attempting this with a heavy trolley bag.

For me, a major perk of this public transport option was the mere fact I got to avoid taxis! I haven’t been scammed often when travelling, but the few times I’ve been left feeling ripped off or just generally bamboozled, a taxi driver has almost always been somehow involved. So, personally, I’m willing to go the literal extra mile to avoid them. Your mileage may vary.

Let me know in the comments if any of this was helpful! :)

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22 thoughts on “How to Get from Podgorica Airport to the City Centre by Public Transport: Yes, It IS Possible (Kind of!)

  1. Hi,

    It is a great description – thanks a lot. Based on it we could easily find the train&bus station from the Airport. :)



    • Good to hear, thanks for the comment! :) You didn’t happen to see the L20 airport bus anywhere around, did you? I still don’t think it actually exists…


      • thank you i will be trying this aerodrom train soon! how do you buy a ticket — does the conductor sell it?


  2. Thanks for this, I was starting to be dubious about Aerodrom train station as it’s not coming up on any map search. But some deeper research by satellite map another blog and your photos have confirmed its existence, I’m heading from Bar to Aerodrom tomorrow 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sanni, I like the style and spirit of your blog. Leave our comfort zone and travel to educate ourselves, indeed. Will certainly come back for more travel inspiration. For now, many thanks for the airport transfer advice, very useful for my train travel yesterday from Podgorica to the Aerodrom stop. Besides the costs, I’d only add one major reason for not taking a taxi: avoid air pollution and carbon emissions. Cheers from Brussels. Stefan

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Stefan! Such kind words. Really happy to hear you’ve found this useful.

      When I started the blog, I didn’t even intend for it to be about travel only, but that’s how it accidentally turned out. I have a long list of other topics in mind, but, sadly, not enough time to write about everything. I suppose travel is the first priority, and hopefully the rest will follow as soon as I get my chaotic schedule under control. :)


  4. Hi Sanni,

    I’m researching a trip to Montenegro at the moment and I came across this info for the airport train on a site called ‘getbybus’. I’ve no idea how old it is/when the info was posted, but it might be useful to anyone looking to catch the thing:

    05:25 Podgorica – Airport 05:32
    07:40 Podgorica – Airport 07:47
    09:25 Podgorica – Airport 09:32
    10:40 Podgorica – Airport 10:47
    11:45 Podgorica – Airport 11:52
    13:00 Podgorica – Airport 13:07
    15:17 Podgorica –Airport 15:24
    16:40 Podgorica – Airport 16:47
    19:11 Podgorica – Airport 19:18
    21:35 Podgorica – Airport 21:42

    06:02 Airport – Podgorica 06:09
    07:25 Airport – Podgorica 07:32
    10:02 Airport – Podgorica 10:09
    11:37 Airport – Podgorica 11:44
    12:46 Airport – Podgorica 12:53
    15:01 Airport – Podgorica 15:08
    15:56 Airport – Podgorica 16:03
    18:13 Airport – Podgorica 18:20
    18:52 Airport – Podgorica 18:59
    21:21 Airport – Podgorica 21:28

    They added that one-way tickets cost €1.20 (second class) or €2 (first class).

    Hope that helps anyone eager to catch the train!


    • Hi Greg, and thanks for your comment!

      I just took a quick look at the Getbybus page for the airport train – 1.20€ seems to be the correct and current price for a single train ticket, but their timetable, which you’ve posted here, differs from the one you can find on

      Since is the official website for the Railway Transport of Montenegro JSC – Podgorica, I personally would trust their information over a third party website, precisely because we don’t know how often Getbybus updates theirs. At least during my visit, the trains ran pretty well on time and followed the official website’s schedule. :)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Just the instructions I needed, thank you so much. I have just been and have a few things to comment as some changes occurred.
    The pavement seems to have been corrected, no more “wild pavement”. Pizza Restaurant Ester is only hinted at by a sorry-looking board discarded some ten meters away either by natural forces or han intervention, the restaurant is gone.
    I waited for the bus for like 20 minutes and none came, no other people were waiting so I hitchhiked. The man who took me asked for 2 euros saying he was a taxi driver but I saw no indication of that. Anyway, it still was a deal as usually the fare between airport and city is 10 euros. So I can’t confirm the existence of the bus line but apart from my few observations above Sanni’s description is flawless and much-needed. A big thank you, Sanni 💚


    • Thank you so much for the update, András! I’ve now updated the post with the current info you provided on the long-gone pizzeria and the fixed pavement. Glad to hear you were still able to get to the city even though the bus didn’t show up.

      I probably should have included hitch-hiking as a viable bonus option here, because it’s super easy to do basically anywhere in Montenegro. While I was waiting at that bus stop, I also had a couple of cars slow down and try to offer me a ride (even though I wasn’t even trying to hitch), but I only refused because I wanted to research the bus connections.


  6. Hey Sanni, thank you very much for this guide! I made it to the train station as the sun was setting, lo and behold it did come as per the train schedule!!!

    (Reminder to self: remember to check if your watch time has been changed to the local time zone. I thought I had already missed the train and stupidly took a video on the tracks. When I walked towards the shack the train did come. That was scary.)


  7. Hi!! Just want to know how to buy the ticket for train, is someone at the station or you pay it once you’re on the train?


  8. Thank you very much for sharing this post. I just came from Podgorica and as I was concerned about being scammed by taxi drivers (I am a solo traveller), used the train station. Train matched =)

    Lucky me I read another experiences first as when I arrived to the airport and ask to the information desk how to get to the ‘aerodrom station’ to go to Podgorica, all she said was ‘there is no train’. City is 15 kilometers. Only is possible by taxi. Even I told her. I read in a blog there is a train station called ‘aerodrom’ 15 minutes walking from here. How to get there please? Left side or right side? And she insisted there is no trains to go Podgorica city centrer and the only option was by taxi. Thank goodness, I ignored her and after 4 attempts asking to people, a kind gentleman told me. ‘left side. 10 – 15 minutes walking’.

    That was 9th of July 2022. Hopefully another travellers who wish use the train don’t fall in the trap of that lady, desk information.


  9. The train worked on a Sunday in october 2022. It was 20 minutes late. It picked up two foreigners from the airport and one local woman. The local woman, by showing up, was very reassuring. A Polish-language graffito in the train shelter advises that trains could be + or – 20 minutes. Hopefully, they’re late sometimes but never early.


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